Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time.

Thomas A. Edison

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How to Transfer “Old-School” Recruiting and Team Building Techniques to the Internet with Automation and Leverage

There’s a huge myth being perpetuated by 7-figure earners in network marketing… Some of the folks spreading this ignorance are some close friends, unfortunately. And the myth is this… You can’t build your network [...]

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How to Recruit with Facebook Sponsored Posts

Picture this… You share a blog post or broadcast a Live video and throw a few bucks Facebook’s way to deliver it to a larger audience… People see the post and request more information from [...]

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How to Powerfully Connect with Your Target Market and Make Selling & Recruiting 10X Easier

Selling and prospecting isn’t a numbers game. And in fact, thinking this way is a recipe for wasting a whole bunch o’ time on people who will NEVER buy what you’re selling. Don’t believe [...]

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How Over a Century of Sales & Personal Development Classics Can Help Grow Your Business

True story, I used to absolutely hate reading as a child and even into college, I used to thumb through the book first to see how many pictures were in it before I read [...]

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What To Do If Your Downline or New Recruits Are Lazy & Not Producing

If you have been in the MLM, network marketing, or direct sales industry for any amount of time and have grown a team, you will have experienced the frustrations with a downline that simply [...]

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Three Proven Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business, Using the Internet

When I first started in this industry my upline leader suggested that I make a F.R.A.N.K (friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, kids) list to present my business opportunity to, from there I was to invite [...]

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